From November 10 to 20 of each year, Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit become a gastronomic destination with the 27th edition of the International Gourmet Festival with the participation of more than 60 chefs in different and varied events.

The festival opens on November 10 with The Grand Gourmet Village in Tierra Luna Gardens of the Garza Blanca Hotel. It will have the participation of 30 of the chefs invited to the festival, who will cook the dishes and tapas that will be served throughout the event in the seasonal format. Among them will be Oscar Segundo & Krysw Ruelas from Xocol in Guadalajara, who have researched native corn and whose proposal revolves around this important ingredient.

The Festival consists of a total of 15 events that take place between November 10 and 20 in Puerto Vallarta, the Riviera Nayarit and Tepic, and in which flavors of traditional and contemporary Mexican, Mediterranean, Spanish, Californian cuisines, among others. There will be conversations, picnics, dinners, tastings, live music to a great wine festival with the presentation of 30 Mexican wine cellars and from several countries. It is a great celebration around the table.

Among the outstanding events, the Gourmet Safari will take place on November 16, a five-course tour prepared by three of the most renowned restaurants in Punta De Mita. Zicatela that brings the flavors of Mexico and grills, Hector’s Kitchen with the use of fresh fish and products from the Pacific coast prepared with touches of creativity inspired by the travels of its chef, and Tuna Blanca by Thierry Blouet, who brings the kitchen Pacific Mexican. From sunset to midnight, the event will be enlivened by music, appetizers, champagne, wines and digestives.

The Great Night of Stars, will take place on November 17, which consists of an eight-course pairing dinner with the celebrated Pujol restaurant by Enrique Olvera with the presence of its head chef Jesús Duron and chef Daniel Nunez de Carao de OO Mandarina, who also belongs to the Olvera group. The host restaurant will be Chef Thierry Blouet’s Cafe des Artistes and the event will take place in the newly remodeled garden. There will be two shifts for 70 diners, one at 18:00 and the other at 20:30 hrs.

On Saturday, November 19 at 4:00 pm, “Sabores del Jardín” will take place, in which there will be a tapas tasting at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden. Fifteen chefs from the Vatel Club de México will participate, among them, Thierry Blouet from Café des Artistes, Jesús Vásquez from Loma 42 and Guillermo Wulff from Barrio Bistro, who will serve the snacks of the event, whose funds raised will benefit the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden. This is one of the most anticipated gastronomic events of each year and if you are a foodie you should consider participating in this event.