Being one of the most popular tourist destinations with a beach for Mexican and foreign tourists, Puerto Vallarta, in addition to having beautiful landscapes, also has an appreciated and varied gastronomic offer in which, of course, seafood and seafood stand out.

Therefore, we share some restaurants in Puerto Vallarta that will satisfy any craving for tropical food that may arise on your next trip.

El Coleguita Mariscos

el coleguita mariscos

A casual style restaurant, but located in one of the best areas of Puerto Vallarta, La Marina. This seafood restaurant has an incredible terrace overlooking the sea; where you can taste seafood and fish prepared according to the typical Mexican gastronomy.

In addition to a quality and extremely fast service, El Coleguita has positioned itself since 1989 for its characteristic welcome with shrimp broth and a shot of 100% agave tequila -to whet your appetite-. In addition, on the part of the house, they serve fried plantains with milk for dessert, accompanied by coffee liqueur; this as a thank you to the loyalty and preference of the diners. Some of the dishes most recommended by the restaurant are the marlin empanadas, the shrimp aguachile, the breaded fillet and the fillet wallpaper.

Mariscos 8 Tostadas

mariscos 8 tostadas

What began as a small seafood restaurant in 1969, today is one of the most visited seafood restaurants by locals and tourists in all of Puerto Vallarta. Thus, Mariscos 8 Tostadas is also within the ranking of the most recommended restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, according to TripAdvisor.

Located in La Marina, the restaurant’s familiar and relaxed atmosphere is characterized by its colorful marine-style decoration. If you visit this restaurant you cannot miss the fried shrimp, grilled fish, octopus or shrimp cocktails, as well as the famous ceviche and marlin tostadas.

Mariscos “El Memin”

mariscos el memin

A classic restaurant with more than ten years of tradition in Puerto Vallarta, Mariscos “El Memín” is a must during your visit to the Jalisco coast; thanks to its family atmosphere, warm service and attention, but above all, good flavor. Located inside the Galerías shopping center, the restaurant, in addition to being a delicious option to taste typical tropical-Mexican gastronomy, is also an excellent place to eat if you are looking to make various purchases and then satisfy your cravings.

The house specialty is fresh shrimp prepared in various presentations -Charly, coconut, chipotle, tamarind and more-; however, you can also taste traditional seafood such as steaks, ceviches and cocktails. As a plus, the restaurant also offers delicious dishes fused with Asian cuisine such as rolls, miso soup, udon soup, sashimi, nigiris, among others.

Juan Tiburon

juan tiburon

Beyond being a seafood restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, the establishment specializes in ceviches in different presentations. Thus, the Juan Tiburón cevichería is the place to visit and taste the authentic and traditional Vallarta ceviche. However, in the restaurant you can also find fresh and excellent-tasting seafood such as marlin shark, aguachile, sashimi, cocktails and more.

With a relaxed and casual atmosphere and style, it stands out for offering exquisite flavors at extremely affordable prices. Without forgetting the weekly promotions they have; “Micheladas with Juan”, “Tuna Thursday” and “Distilled Tuesday”.

The Blue Shrimp

the blue shrimp

Founded in 1999, this seafood restaurant with good flavor and haute cuisine offers a concept and cuisine never seen before in Puerto Vallarta; its style is assimilated to the classic American restaurants.

Located in one of the busiest areas of the port: the romantic zone; The nautical-decorated establishment has an incredible terrace overlooking the sea and a beach club, resulting in the ideal place to enjoy delicious cuisine accompanied by a cold drink, the warm sea breeze and good background music. The Blue Shrimp features over 30 unique recipes; among which stand out the sources of shellfish, mussels and shrimp.