Puerto Vallarta is one of the main tourist areas in all of Mexico, with beautiful beaches, elegant hotels, numerous attractions, bars and clubs. But something that without a doubt has proven to be a symbol of the popularity of the place, are its restaurants, which are located in beautiful settings, and have a wide variety of dishes, both Mexican and international, and make Puerto Vallarta a An unforgettable place that invites you to return again and again. For that reason, below we present the 5 best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

Restaurante Cafe des Artistes del Mar

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Located in the center of Puerto Vallarta, just a few streets from the boardwalk, this restaurant will give you the opportunity to enjoy an exquisite and varied menu, while you admire and relax in its natural surroundings. You will find that elegance and good cuisine merge within the walls of this venue, first class service and nature surrounding you. The dishes of the place are mixed to include the most delicious of Mexican cuisine and its ingredients, while French cooking methods are used.

Restaurante Fredys Tucan

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Come with your family or friends to this beautiful restaurant, which is considered one of the best for breakfast. You’ll notice that the menu includes nearly 50 breakfast dishes, ranging from light to heavy, with numerous beverage and dessert options. The beautiful and natural view that the restaurant offers, either inside or from its balconies, will make you feel calm and comfortable while you enjoy the most delicious food, besides that the place will make you feel at home, since the service is warm and friendly. We remind you that the place closes at 3 in the afternoon.

Restaurante Coco Tropical

restaurante coco tropical

The main attraction that you will find in this restaurant are, by far, the beautiful sunsets that you will be able to observe, since it is located in front of the sea and with a unique and very beautiful view. The restaurant’s menu features numerous international dishes, which are cooked using the freshest and most delicious local ingredients. This restaurant is highly recommended to go in the company of your partner and enjoy a romantic dinner together, with a delicious glass of wine, and end the evening taking a walk along the beach to the sound of the waves of the sea.

Restaurante La Palapa

restaurante la palapa

This restaurant will give you the chance to admire all the activity that happens in Playa de los Muertos, since it has very long hours and is located right in the center of the beautiful beach. The menu of this place offers exquisite tropical Mexican dishes, very fresh and light, which have made the place a tradition in Puerto Vallarta. The menu includes options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and each month offers unique options that vary according to the season.

Tacon de Marlin

In this beautifully decorated restaurant you will find a varied and well-prepared menu, with delicious and huge marlin tacos, as the name of the place indicates, which will put your eating skills to the test. In addition, the menu includes exquisite burritos of various seafood, equally large, and many more options. The restaurant has very affordable prices, is located near the international airport and has excellent service, making your meal a very comfortable and satisfying experience.